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                                                                                                                               Spring 2014 

Textbook: Health & Wellness Texas          Authors: Linda Meeks & Philip Heit

Class Description: In Health Education, you will learn the life skills that will help you improve your health today and in the future. This class will also provide you with the following tools needed to apply those life skills.   

§ How to ask your parents or guardian for help in developing these life skills

§ Learn how to set goals in all areas of your life

§ Using resistance skills such as how to say “no” to alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other drugs

§ Learn how to promote and practice healthy behaviors and making responsible decisions

§ Why personal behaviors can increase or reduce health risks throughout your lifetime.

§ Access valid health information, products and services

§ Understand what influences your health

  Materials: Spiral, pen or pencil


                     Week                              Chapter                                    Topic


                      1                                  Class Orientation/ PBS/   Goal Setting



                     2                                        1                    Health & Wellness: Mental & Emotional Health 



                     3-6                                  Reducing The Risk: Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STD/HIV               



                     7-9                                  4                    Nutrition                                                           



                     10                                    7                    Alcohol



                     11                                     7                    Tobacco



                     12 -13                               7                    Illegal Drugs                

                     14-15                         Parenting and Paternity Awareness ( p.a.p.a)

                     16                              Parenting and Paternity Awareness ( p.a.p.a)

                     17                              Parenting and Paternity Awareness ( p.a.p.a)

                     18                              Parenting and Paternity Awareness ( p.a.p.a) 


                                             EISD GRADING POLICY:

                               Formative:(50%)    Homework/Spiral/Journals                                                         


                               Summative 50%   Unit Assessment/Test /Quiz/Projects                                  

     Tutoring after school Mondays 4-5                                                                                                    

   Be responsible to make up missed assignment(s) Check my webpage  to make up missed assignments.  llockett@eisd.net/Domain/1959

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