U.S. History

Course Description

            U.S. History is a full-year survey course covering American history from the Civil Warto the present.  Students will practice historicalthinking and analysis using primary and secondary sources.  A variety of strategies will be employed,including Peer Reading, Thinking Maps, DBQs, and class discussions.  Students will learn to read critically, writeorganized essays, conduct independent research, and make classpresentations.  Students will alsocomplete a series of Oral History projects. The goal for the course is to prepare students to pass the U.S HistoryEnd-of-Course Exam.                                                      


Class Expectations:

·     Bepresent and on time.

  • Be prepared.  Bring completed homework and supplies to class: pen (blue or black only), pencil, paper, highlighters, thumb drive, and a small pencil sharpener.  Your Journal will be kept in class.
  • Follow directions, both verbal and written.  It is important to understand exactly what is expected.
  • Late work will be docked 20 points the first week; 50 points the second week.  After three weeks, the grade will be a zero.  If you were absent, you have three class days to make up Formative grades upon your return to class.  A missed Test must be taken before or after school.
  • Extra Credit is offered only to the entire class.  There is no individual Extra Credit.
  • DON'T plagiarize!  Plagiarism (copying from the internet, a book, or from another student’s paper without giving credit) will be rewarded with a "zero." 
  • Observe District and Class Rules for behavior and dress.  Class Rules are posted in the room.
  • Failure to follow District Policies or Classroom Procedures will result in (1) a personal conference with the teacher, with a warning; (2) a Stage 1 Referral; (3) Parent Contact; (4) Parent Conference (5) Stage 2 Referral.
  • Five Stage 1 Referrals = Stage 2 Referral)                                                                               

Course Grading Policy

Gradesare based on student performance. Formative grades (Daily grades, Quiz grades, etc.) count as 50% of theNine Weeks Grade. Summative grades (Tests, Projects, etc.) comprise theremaining 50% of the Nine Weeks grade (27 Formative and 3 Summative grades arerequired each 9weeks).  District ProgressReports will be handed out every three weeks. Students whose gradefalls below 70 percent are required to attend tutorials.  GradingKey:            A = 90-100      B = 80-89        C= 75-79        D = 70-74                    _________


Curriculum Objectives and Tentative Course Schedule:

     First Semester                                                                   SecondSemester

Unit 2—Celebrate Freedom


Unit 8—World War II

Unit 1—West and Gilded Age

Unit 9—Cold War, the 1950s, early 1960s

Units 2 & 1 Assessment—Week 4

Units 8 & 9 Assessment—Week 4

Unit 3—Progressive Era

Unit 10—Civil Rights Movement

Unit 4—Rise to World Power

Unit 11—New Frontiers and Familiar Enemies

Units 3 & 4 Assessment—Week 9


Units 1-11  Benchmark Exam  Week 9


Unit 5—Transition to Modern America


Unit 12—1970-1999

Unit 6—Great Depression and New Deal

Unit 13—1990 to Present

Units 5 & 6 Assessment—Week 13

Units 12 & 13 Assessment—Week 13

Unit 7—America Reacts to World at War

Unit 14—Ever Changing America

Units 1-7  Benchmark Exam—Week 18


Unit 14 Assessment—Week 18

**Second Semester: Week 14 (April28-May 9) is set aside for EOC Review and Testing.