U.S. History

Course Description

            U.S. History is a full-year survey course covering American History from the Civil War to the present.  Students will practice historical thinking and analysis using primary and secondary sources.  A variety of strategies will be employed, including Peer Reading, Thinking Maps, DBQs, and class discussions.  Students will learn to read critically, write organized essays, conduct independent research, and make class presentations.  The goal for the course is to prepare students to pass the U.S HistoryEnd-of-Course Exam.                                                      


Class Expectations:

  1. Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
  2. Come prepared (Bring supplies and completed assignments).
  3. Back packs and purses go on the floor.
  4. No nuisance items.
  5. Don't eat in class.


Curriculum Objectives and Tentative Course Schedule:

     First Semester                                                                   SecondSemester

Unit 2—Celebrate Freedom


Unit 8—World War II

Unit 1—West and Gilded Age

Unit 9—Cold War, the 1950s, early 1960s

CBA 1 September 19

CBA 5 February 10

Unit 3—Progressive Era

Unit 10—Civil Rights Movement

Unit 4—Rise to World Power

Unit 11—New Frontiers and Familiar Enemies

CBA 2 October 21


CBA 6 March 19


Unit 5—Transition to Modern America


Unit 12—1970-1990

Unit 6—Great Depression and New Deal

Unit 13—1990 to Present

CBA 3 December 3

CBA 7 April 22

Unit 7—America Reacts to World at War

Unit 14—Ever Changing America

CBA 4  January 15


CBA 8 May 22

**Second Semester: Week 14 (April28-May 9) is set aside for EOC Review and Testing.