Activities we will work on throughout the year!

We have been working on Multiplication Strategies, in addition to the Traditional Method, we also learned the Bow Tie Method, and Lattice Method.


We also started Division, and have completed a foldable titled : Does McDonalds Sell Burgers:
Does McDonalds Serve Burgers
Click on the link below to open a Power Point slideshow that describles what Does McDonald's Sell Burgers means, and how we use it in the classroom:
Does McDonalds Sell Burgers PowerPoint Slide
I also showed them a video in class that I found on Youtube. This site won't let me post the youtube video, but I told the kids that they can search it on You Tube as: " Teach Me How to Divide" by Jose Alcala, very cute video made by 5th graders. Below is the audio of the rap.
Teach Me How To Divide
Teach Me How To Divide Rap Audio Click on the link to listen to the Rap song we heard in class!

Prime and Composite Numbers and Finding the Greatest Common Factors:

We had a week to spend on Prime and Composite Numbers. Below are some PowerPoints to help, cheat cheats, and a cool song called Prime Rap. Hope all the links work. you can also find this song/rap on You tube under :   Prime Numbers Rap Typography by barneybarneyard10 Prime Numbers Rap
Prime and Factors PowerPoint on Prime, Composite and Greatest Common Factor
Prime and Composite PowerPoint on Prime and Composite Numbers
Prime Rap Audio from YouTube  Click on the link to listen to the song we heard in class!


Here is a mini lesson on Greatest Common Factor and Simplifying Factors which will help the students if they need additional help :)
After the Thanksgiving Holiday we will focus on 14 days of fractions, to include identifying fractions, adding fractions, subtracting fractions, reducing fractions, mixed numbers, and converting fractions to decimals. Here are a few powerpoints to view just to get a head start!
Intro to Fractions Click on the link for a Powerpoint on Fractions
More Fractions  Click on the link for a more fraction practice
Adding Fractions Adding Fractions
Fractions on a Number Line  Fractions on a Number Line
Below is a great website where students can practice fractions online
Mrs. Olivarri