6th Grade Math: 
This course is meant to refresh your student on basic math skills learned in elementary, as well as introduce your student to a host of new, but foundational skills they will need from here well on into high school, and beyond. This course is really "math for life." 
Amongst other skills your student will learn to: 
-add & subtract decimals
-add and subtract fractions
-understand part to whole relationships  
-learn to estimate and round and use general number sense
-read and interpret data represented in graphs 
-how to predict the possible outcome of an event 
And much more! 
I am excited to work with your students this year to further their math sense and general enthusiasm about math! But, please know that YOU are a vital part of this process. Most students struggle with math and needs LOTS of practice. So, please be faithful to work with your student at home and send them to school ready to learn. If you need my assistance, please see my tutoring times and send your student to tutoring. Math, as well as all learning is a DAILY discipline. 


Last Modified on March 24, 2013