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Welcome to Math Class!

This year 6th grade students will learn a variety of new material. It is our goal that all students will be successful. I will do whatever I can to help all students improve their knowledge and become more successful in mathematics.

Topics we will study:

Module 1 - Integers
Module 2 - Rational Numbers
Module 3 - Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Module 4 - Multiplying and Dividing Decimals
Module 5 - Adding and Subtracting Integers
Module 6 - Multiplying and Dividing Integers
Module 7 - Representing Ratios and Rates
Module 8 - Applying Ratios and Rates
Module 9 - Percents
Module 10 - Generating Equivalent Numerical Expressions
Module 11 - Generating Equivalent Algebraic Expressions
Module 12 - Equations and Relationships
Module 13 - Inequalities and Relationships
Module 14 - Relationships in Two Variables
Module 15 - Angles, Triangles, and Equations
Module 16 - Area and Volume Equations
Module 17 - Displaying, Analyzing, and Summarizing Data
Module 18 - Becoming a Knowledgeable Consumer and Investor
Mr. Salvador Cardenas
6th Grade Academy - Room 20
Conference Time: 12:10 - 12:40
Please call the school or send an e-mail if you would like to set up an apt. to discuss any behavioral or academic concerns.
                   6th Grade Academy:  210-444-4895 
6th grade Math
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