• Happy New Year 2014!!!

    Posted by J.J. Amaro at 1/1/2014
    Happy New Year!
    Its another new year which means its almost time to go back to school. Hope you have been enjoying your holiday break. I spent new years popping fireworks with my family. Did you do anything special with your family and friends while we were off school?  Do you have any new years resolutions? Let me know some things you plan on working on to better yourself for 2014. 
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  • Holiday Break 2013

    Posted by J.J. Amaro at 12/23/2013
    The holiday break is FINALLY here! What do you plan on doing while we are off of school? I plan on spending alot of time relaxing and doing activities with my family. Have fun on the break and get lots of rest because before you know it we will be back at school : ) Don't forget to spend a little bit of time every day reading something you enjoy! Leave me a comment and let me know how your break went and something exciting you did! 
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  • My favorite memory from this past summer...

    Posted by J.J. Amaro at 8/28/2012
    My favorite memory from this past summer was seeing my daughter Ariel take her first steps. Now she's practically a pro, running around everywhere! A good way to keep track of memories and work on your writing skills is by starting a journal. Start writing your journal today! 
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