Kindergarten Expectations

Homework Policy:

Your child’s early experiences at school will be the mostexciting and most important years of his/her life.  Your child will be taking their first stepstoward a successful education. Reinforcing school concepts at home will increase your child’s successrate.  To reinforce concepts at home your child will have required homework every week (Monday-Thursday).  Home practice for each week will be assigned Monday, and should be completed and returned by Friday morning.  In addition, you are expected to read to yourchild for 15- 20 minutes.  Your signature will acknowledge completion of assignments. The homework sheet and reading log will be inserted in your child’shomework foldeHomework r.


Attendance Policy:

Students are required to have at least 90% attendance for promotion.  Students with more than 17 absences for the year will be placed in first grade.  Your child will be marked with a partial daya bsence if they leave early.  If your child is absent or leaves early please bring a doctor’s note. 
Classroom Rules
1. We speak kindly
2. We speak truthfully
3. We keep our hands to ourselves
4. We follow directions
5. We do our best
Classrom Consequences
Students will be given reminders to follow the rules, if they choose to continue to make poor choices they are asked to move their card. Students have the opportunity to make better choices throughout the day to get their color back to green. The color card at the end of the day determines which face will go in their take home folder. 
Green = happy face
Yellow = straight face
Orange = sad face
Red = disappointed face
More serious actions such as hitting, offensive language, and frequent insubordination will result in a Stage One notice. Five stage ones for the same infraction will result in an office refferal.
 super sad sad straight happy
Classroom Rewards
Every student has a sticker chart with 25 squares on it. Students can earn stickers by following class room rules, actively participating in class activities and discussions, doing excellent school work, and walking nicely in the carpet hallways. Once they fill up their sticker charts they can cash them in for a prize from the treasure box.