Instructor:      COACH WOLF


            OfficeHours: 10:43AM – 11:36

            OfficeLocation: GYM or Room 315



The students’ are expected toactively participate in moderate to vigorous activities, follow all generalrules and requirements, and create an understanding of a healthy life style.The students’ are expected to complete all required assignments/ exams, andhelp develop a holistic view of a healthy life style.


CourseObjectives and Goals:

·        Thestudent will be able to perform in physical moderate to vigorous activities tohis or her best abilities.

·        Thestudent will be able to understand basic rules and concepts of all activities.

·        Thestudent will be able to demonstrate concepts through participation,assignments, and tests.


CourseRules & Policies:

Attire: Shorts at least armslength and a t-shirt (any color but nothing vulgar)

Locker room: Keep it clean, DoNot share lockers, combinations, or keys, and make sure everything is locked before you leave.

Students have 5 MINUTES to bechanged and in their assigned seats. 
 (Late = an exercise with amountincreasing by 10 each day)
Gum & Cell Phones: Are notpermitted. The student will receive a warning, if the behavior continues then 
they will have to comply with the campus policies.

Profanity: Will not be tolerated.

 (The student will have to complete an exerciseusing the number of letters in that word times a certain amount.  
 If the behavior continues the student willreceive a referral as indicated in the handbook.)

Respect: Be respectful of yourself and others at all times.

 Be Punctual                 Be Prepared                Be Productive             Be Polite                      Be Positive


CourseGrading: Complete all activity notes/handouts in spiral,exams, and participation in all activities.


   1.)                  EachDay is worth a total a 100 points.

   2.)                  Toreceive 100 points the student must: Be dressed out and On time

                                                                                Actively participate in all activities

                                                                                Completeassignments and tasks on time

                                                                               Display good sportsmanship and knowledge aboutthe various activities.

 3.)           Absent or Late Work: -10 points forevery class period late; up to 3 class periods, no late work will be excepted after 3 class periods, studentsturning in assignments more than 3 class periods late will receive a zero for that assignment.

 4.)          Summative Grades: 50% (Participation inregular class, notes, assignments, dressing out, STARR Activities)

 5.)          Formative Grades: 50% (Written/skillexams and projects

 6.)          It’s the students’ responsibility tocheck and monitor their progress.

 Expectations of UnderstandingActivities:

·           Volleyball                           *Basketball                 * Dynamic Warm-up   *Soccer           *Softball

·           FlagFootball                       * Kick Ball                  * Whiffle Ball             *Flicker Ball   * Hand Ball

·           UltimateBall                       *UltimateBasketball    * Ultimate Frisbee     * Ultimate Football

·           SpiderBall                          * Spider Tag                *Mission Impossible    * Virus             *Chase

·           Capturethe Flag                  *Steal the Birdie          *BirdieBall                 *DodgeBall     * Crab Attacks

·           ToeTag                               *Station Work              *Shield ball

       Weight Room               *Muscles/Function       *Fitnessgram Requirements    

   Handouts/Notes: Are due according to the courseschedule


   Semester Project: SeeRubric for details

                          Access to magazines and computers for gathering information

                          Students will be allowed to work on this assignment after they have completed required class work for that day.


   Extra Credit:Students can receiveextra credit by completing typed out versions of handouts or creating  power point presentations.


   Exemption from the Exam: A student is exempted from thesemester exam if they have completed allassignments in detailed, on time, and turns in typed handouts/power point.

Monday & Wednesday Report to Truman Gym unless notified.

Tuesdays & Thursdays Report to Room 315

Fridays Report to the weight room unless notified. 


 Expectations when a Substitute ispresent:

·        Report to room 315

·        Workon the required assignments for that day

·        Workon any assignments that have not been completed

·        Berespectful at all times and follow the regular classroom expectations

 Bad weather: Maychange the original activity for that specific day

General Expectations/ Procedures:

Classroom (315)

1.      Mustbe seated before the tardy bell. (Must enter with tardy slip if you are late/have absent slip)

2.      Mustbe prepared upon entering the classroom (Binder, writing utensils)

3.      Cellphones must be off and put away. (This is your warning)

4.      Pick-upyour spiral & book

5.      Takeout blank piece of paper, place the appropriate headings, and begin the warm-up

6.      Placecompleted warm-up activity into your class tray and return to your seat.

7.       Sit quietly and wait for instructions

8.      Workon the required assignments, and raise your hand if you have questions.

9.      Restrooms:Not permitted to use within the first 15min or last 5 min. Hall pass must betaken and filled out once you are given permission. Excessive time gone will bedocumented and may hinder your chances of being released.

10.  Endof class: Push in your chairs and return materials to their appropriate places.


Weeklygrade checks will be issued on Thursdays. Your spiral contains all course workthat needs to be completed to receive a good grade. It is your responsibilityto follow the course calendar to achieve this task.


Athletic Participation(Truman Gym)


1.      Mustenter the building before the tardy bell, go straight to the locker room, andcome prepared.

2.      Youhave 5 minutes to change into the appropriate attire, and use the restroom, andin your spot.

3.      Completewarm-up activity

4.      Activelyparticipate in that days activity.

5.      Nocell phones or jewelry are allowed to used/worn at this time.

6.      I-pods/Music will be allowed at Coach’s discretion

7.      Willhave time to shower and dress prior to going to your next class.

8.      Musthave a combination lock on your locker & locked at all times


Athletic Participation(Weight Room)

1.      Sameexpectations as entering the gym.

2.      Completewarm-up activity

3.      Activelyparticipate in that days activity..

4.      I-pods/Music will be allowed at Coach’s discretion

5.      Itis vital that you listen to the coach’s instruction for safety and to properlytrain.


Grade Deductions:

Jewelry = Minus 5 points andincrease by 5 points for every consecutive day.

 (Students are asked to remove all jewelry forsafety of others and the student.)

Not Participating = Minus 15 pointsand increase by 5 points for every consecutive day.

     (Must be wearing appropriateshoes to participate)

 Late to class = Minus 5 points and increase by5 points for every consecutive day.

 (Students are given 5 minutes to be dressedand seated)

 Not Dressed out = A zero for that day, and ifthere are consecutive No Dresses the student will receive

        either a lunch detention or afterschool detention. (Includes: a pattern of dressing out then not)


Other Classroom Expectations:

1.      Classdisruptions will not be tolerated.

2.      Studentsare expected to participate in class discussions & complete assignments

3.      RequiredHeading on all class work: Name, date, period, and teacher’s name.

4.      Graffiti/scribbling on assignments will not be accepted. Grade of “0”

5.      Destroyingschool property or equipment will not be tolerated.

6.      Student’sare expected to follow and abided by all other rules and policies set-forth inthe handbook.