Memorial High School


Course Syllabus and Outline


Ms. GuajardoBachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies: English Language Arts/Reading 8-12. Education from Texas A&M University-San Antonio, Highly Qualified per NCLB in Secondary English.


Courses:  English I and English II


Method of contacting teacher:
Preparation Period: 5  

Phone: TBA



I. Course Description:  English I and II are designed to assist students in improving the following skills:  reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, processing, prioritizing, predicting, analyzing, and evaluating.  Students who successfully complete this course will receive 1 credit.


II. Course Rationale:  The primary objective of each course is to acquaint the students with basic reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.  An emphasis is placed on the Writing Process. Review of the parts of speech, the parts of a sentence, and basic grammar is essential. 


III. Learning Outcomes

            A. The students will demonstrate proficiency in the following writing areas:

                        1. Journal writing

                        2. Writing complete, grammatically correct sentences

                        3. Writing a well-developed paragraph

                        4. Writing paragraphs and multi-paragraph essays of various types


            B. The students will demonstrate the following reading skills:

                        1. Identify words in context

                        2. Comprehend literal and figurative meanings

                        3. Develop increased sight vocabulary

                        4. Read for detail and/or skim for specific information

                        5. Identify and understand literary techniques

                        6. Recognize an author’s point of view, bias, objective

                        7. Recognize and interpret figurative language

                        8. Use appropriate reference skills

            C. Students will practice listening skills

            D. Students will develop speaking skills through a variety of oral           presentations, class discussions, and small group discussions.


IV. Learning Activities: 

            A. Students will read, respond to factual and inferential questions, and             analyze various short stories, novels, poetry, and dramatic works.

            B. Students will identify and write grammatically complete sentences   including parts of speech and basic conventions of grammar.

            C. Students will complete writing assignments of varying length and     purpose.


V. Teaching Methods: (include but are not limited to the following)

            A. Formal and informal lecture

            B. Note-taking

            C. Audio cassettes

            D. Class discussions

            E. Small group and one-on-one discussions

            F. Professionally prepared videos/DVDs

            G. Research

            H. Teacher-created handouts and supplementary material

            I.  Use of computers and other modes of technology

            J. Thinking Maps


VI. Homework Policy:

            No homework will be given unless you do not finish your assignment during the given class time. This is excluding the research paper. 


VII. Grading Procedures:

  • Minus 10 points for each class period late; up to 3 class periods


  • No late work will be accepted after 3 class periods


  • Students turning in work that is more than 3 class periods late will receive a zero on that assignment.


Responsibility to make up missed assignments falls totally on the student. Check with the instructor to make up missed assignments. Full credit will be given when absences are excused. Unexcused absences and late work will be accepted and partial credit (70%) will be given; if completed within three days of the missed assignment.


FORMATIVE GRADES (50%):  Class Work

SUMMATIVE GRADES (50%): Tests, Projects, Research Paper


VII. Expectations/Class Rules:

English I students who successfully complete English I will be prepared for English II.  English II students who successfully complete English II will be prepared for English III. All English classes must be passed in order to graduate.



VIII. School supplies needed for class:

·        1 Package of Pencils

·        2 Composition books

·        1 package of loose paper


IX. Tutorials:

Tutoring will be from 8:00 – 8:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Room 219


X. Classroom Rules:

·        Be Punctual

·        Be Prepared

·        Be Productive

·        Be Polite

·        Be positive