Classroom Rules: Our class is expected to follow directions at all times.  When I am talking everyone else should be at Voice Level 0.  Students should follow the voice levels at all times and know when to use each one, we have a chart in our room that shows the levels 0-5. 
Be RESPECTFUL at all times to everyone, no matter who is in our room, out in the halls, or at recess.  If you are not being respectful and following directions your clip will be moved down the chart, 3rd time is a parent phone call and possible discipline referral.
Homework  Please make sure students do their homework every night when assigned.  It is important that the students complete homework because each assignment reviews what we learned in class.  Each night Spelling, Math, Science and Reading will be assigned.  Reading should occur each night for at least 30 minutes. 
Leadership roles  Each student in the classroom has a leadership role that they must do each day.  Some leadership roles include line leader, key keeper, computer crew, board managers, paper passers and much role. 
School Supplies All school supplies are donated this year, if you would like to donate any snack or sandwich bags or tissues that would be appreciated.
Subjects we are going to be learning 5th grade has 5 major subjects each day: Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. 
In the 5th grade Math, Reading and Science are tested for STAAR.
Last Updated 3-4-15 
Last Modified on March 4, 2015