Memorial High School
1227Memorial  St.
San Antonio, TX 78228
I am looking forward to an energetic year filled with a lot of Theatre, activities and Performances from my students.Our studies this year will build on several fundamental areas of Theatre.Students in the Theatre II-IV course will revisit some topics from Theatre I and zoom forward to excel in the craft of Theatre. Practice, Performance, and Perfection that is the key.
Please review the following key points about my class.
Class Room Expectations
Be On Time. Walking in after the tardy bell is NOT being on time.
Be Prepared. Have materials required for class.
Be Polite. Treat others like you’d like to be treated.
Grading Policy
 Your Nine-Week Grade is calculated under two categories:
50% = Class Assignments(All hands-0n activities in Class)                                                      
50% = Summative (Exams, Major Projects, etc.)
If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at
 (210) 444-8300 or email me at
Thank you,
Mr. C.Martinez
Theatre Arts/MHS
Be Willing to TRY. Everyone learns differently, so be patient. Don’t stress out. I am here for YOU. J