Individual & Team Sports



Fall 2012

General Information:

Teachers:        DeniseCordero                                              

Office:                         210-444-8030                                                             


Hours:                          M-F      Gym8:30-10:40          Room 209 10:45-12:36

Location:                     Gym/ Room 209/Gym



Thepurpose of this course is to provide learning experiences that will lead to thedevelopment of basic skills in team sports.  In addition to skillacquisition, the course will focus on how to plan and implement the four stagesof skill development in games through the use of extending, refining, andapplication tasks.  An emphasis will be placed on the use of the gamestages and movement framework as a guide for designing a variety of sport gameexperiences for students in grades 9-12.

Studentswill be expected to achieve an intermediate level of skill in the selected teamsports.  Practice outside of class time and individual tutoring may benecessary for some students to achieve the expected performance level.


Uponcompletion of the course, the student will be able to:

1. demonstrate basic skills in selected sports using a mature movement pattern.

2. demonstrate team play concepts and strategies in mini-game play.

3. demonstrate knowledge of history, rules, safety, and performance techniques inselected
    team sports.  

4. analyze and evaluate student performance in selected sports skills.

5. demonstrate knowledge and application of the Sport Education Model.
6. demonstrate an understanding of the broad scope of teaching games content inphysical

    education including the development of closed and open skills.
7. sequence games content for teaching using appropriate combinations ofextending,

    refining and application tasks.

8. select, modify and apply a variety of pre-designed games for use as application


9. develop lesson and unit plans with appropriate assessment procedures forselected team



I.     Course Policy and Procedures
II.    Acquisition and Analysis of Team Sports

                A.  Volleyball

                 B.  Football

                C.   Basketball
            D.  Team Tennis
            E.  Soccer
           F.  Indoor Softball

            G.  Hockey/Floor ball


Foreach unit content will include the following:

         1. History, rules, safety
         2. Fundamental skill acquisition

         3. Drills and min-games

         4. Strategies for play

         5. Game play

         6. Officiating

          7. Cornell style notes

IV.   Planning and teaching
       A.  Unit plan

       B.  Lesson plans

       C.  Resource file


V.    Assessment
       A.  Skill assessment



Planand teach one unit
Keepresource file

Skillstests in 7 sports

Proficiencytests in two sports (for portfolios)

Assessmentof peers using rubrics

Finalwritten exam