Instructional Resource Page

We are currently working vigorously to master  Short Answer Response Questions which will be assessed on the STAAR.
We use ACE and SO WHAT? to help complete each question.

A: ANSWER the question and include SO WHAT
C: CITE information from the text to support your answer and include SO WHAT
E: EXPLAIN in your own words the connection of your answer and text evidence and include SO WHAT
The goal is for the students to be able to answer the question in a meaningful and concise manner that displays the student's understanding 
of the question and the text.
EXPOSITORY essays are a huge deal for our FRESHMAN class. This year the students will also be tested on the STAAR how well they can create an
Expository essay. 
Criteria: Essays MUST include:
*THESIS: This is one sentence that is controlled and specific. A THESIS tells the reader what will be explained/discussed in the essay.
*SUPPORTING DETAILS AND FACTS to support the ideas being explained/discussed in the essay.
*ANECDOTE: This can be a personal or world story/current event/issue.