Special Education Teacher, Case Manager, Athletics Coach.

My role as a special education teacher is filled with a variety of specific task that need to be met daily in order to insure that my students are being provided a quality education and receiving appropriate services to be successful. As a class room Co-Teacher in US History and Mathematics my duties are to collaborate with the teacher of record and plan and prepare lessons that both fit the needs of our students that are on grade level, appropriate in content and modified when necessary. During each class period as a Co-teacher my duties are to work with each and every student and participate in the teaching in the actual lesson that is being taught.
         As a Special Education Case Manager my role is to insure that each student on my case load are given every opportunity to succeed and are being provided the special education services that have been formally granted to them as in their IEP, in accordance with TEA.
         As an athletics coach I have a variety of duties that I need to be met daily to insure our student-athletes are given every opportunity to be successful not only in their particular sport but in the classroom first.  I am the Receivers Coach for our football program here at Kennedy and have coached our freshman team during the season. I am the JV Boys basketball coach as well.