Welcome to Coach Gerald Bermea's Home Page

Department: Special Education
Phone: 210-444-8040 Ext: 3192

Tuttoring Time: Tuesday and Thursday 7:45 - 8:30

Hello. I am Coach Gerald Bermea. I am a Secial Ed. Teacher as well as coach Football and Basketball here at Kennedy High School. I am finishing my eight year over all and have had a great experience here at JFK this year and looking foward to the 2013-2014 school year both as a Teacher and Coach.




1st (8:45:9:38)


2nd (9:43-10:40)

                     Planning Period US History                       

3rd (10:45-11:38)

US History - CO Teach

4th (12:15-1:10)

Inclusion ELA, World Geo.

5th (1:17-2:10)

Inclusion US History

6th (2:15-3:08)

Geometry - CO Teach

7th (3:13-4:10) 

US History - CO Teach