Hello Welcome to the Emerald Battalion: You are a part of a program that's been around nearly 50 Years.
Name: My name is 1SG Robert Juarez
Email Address: Robert.Juarez@eisd.net
Campus Phone number: 210-444-8027





Just to tell you a little about myself: I was born and raised in Southern California. I enlisted into the US Army during my junior year in high school; I was just 17 years old, however I did not attend Basic training until I graduated HS.  The Army sent me to Fort Sill, Oklahoma where I met some people called Drill Sergeants.  (They weren’t very nice), But they helped form me into the person I am today.  

23 years, 6 months, and 1 week later I retired from the US Army as a First Sergeant.   A lot happened in those years: Married, two great kids. One in the Military and one in College, both keep me very grounded.


I’ve been teaching JROTC about 7 years now, and just completed my first year at J.F. Kennedy HS. I hope to stay for many years.


So just let me say that I will not do anything unless I believein it, which includes JROTC.  As you willl earn JROTC is so much more than just an elective.


I look forward to a great school year, and I hope to see you in ROTC.




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