What will we be Learning?

Big Day addresses oral language, social studies, physical development, math, science, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, concepts of print and comprehension, and emergent writing. It also provides us with a social emotional component that is introduced with each theme. 
                                        Theme 1: Ready For School
Week 1- My School
Week 2- Making Friends
Week 3- Learning Together
Week 4- Getting Along
Social Emotional:  Cooperation
                                        Theme 2: My Family
Week 1-Who's in My Family
Week 2- We Take Care of Each Other
Week 3- Family Fun
Week 4-All kinds of Families 
          Social Emotional: Kindness 
Theme 3:Our Community
Week 1- Places We Go
Week 2- People We Meet
Week 3- Things That Move
Week 4- Going Green 
Social Emotional: Responsibility
Theme 4: Awesome Animals
Week 1-All kinds of Animals
Week 2- Animal Homes
Week 3- Creepy, Crawly Insects
Week 4- Animals Grow and Change
Social Emotional: Attention 
Theme 5: Imagine It, Make It
Week 1- Using My Imagination
Week 2- Tools We Use
Week 3- Things We Build
Week 4- Art All Around Us
Theme 6: Growing Up Healthy
Week 1- Me Senses
Week 2- Taking Care of Myself
Week 3- Eating Well
Week 4- Staying Safe
 Social Emotional : Self-Awareness
Theme 7: Nature All Around Us
Week 1- How Do Plants Grow?
Week 2- What's In The Sky?
Week 3- Our Weather
Week 4- The Seasons
Social Emotional: Curiosity
Theme 8: Moving On
Week 1- Going New Places
Week 2- Trying New Things
Week 3- I Can Do It!
Week 4- We're Big Now!
Social Emotional: Persistence 

Last Modified on May 20, 2013