Big Day for Pre-K

The curriculum that we have at Stafford is Big Day for Pre-K by Scholastic.
The curriculum touches on many aspects that help build the foundation for
early learning.  Each theme has a Social emotional component as well as Math,
Language Arts and Reading, Science, and Social Studies.  The themes are as follows:
Ready For School
My School
Making Friends
Learnng Together
Getting Along

My Family
Who's in my Family
We Take Care of Each Other
Family Fun
All Kinds of Families
Our Community
Places We Go
People We Meet
Things That Move
Going Green
Awesome Animals
All Kinds of Animals
Animal Homes
Creepy, Crawly, Insects
Animals Grow and Change
Imagine It, Make It
Using My Imagination
Tools we Use
Things we Build
Art All Around Us
Growing Up Healthy
My Senses
Taking Care of Myself
Eating Well
Staying Safe
Nature All Around Us
How do Plants Grow?
What's in the Sky?
Our Weather
The Seasons
Moving On
Going New Places
Trying New Things
I Can Do It Myself!
We're Big Now!