Big Day for PreK!

Here at Stafford ECC we use a curriculum provided by Scholastic. 
Students will learn through 8 different themes.  The curriculum is as follows:
Ready for School!
Week 1:  My School
Week 2:  Making Friends
Week 3:  Learning Together
Week 4:  Getting Along
My Family
Week 1:  Who Is In My Family?
Week 2:  Taking Care of Each Other
Week 3:  Family Fun
Week 4:  All Kinds of Family
Our Community
Week 1:  Places We Go
Week 2:  People We Meet
Week 3:  Things That Move
Week 4:  Going Green
Awesome Animals!
Week 1:  All Kinds of Animals
Week 2:  Animal Homes
Week 3:  Creepy Crawly Insects
Week 4:  Animals Change and Grow
Imagine It! Make It!
Week 1:  Using My Imagination
Week 2:  Things We Build
Week 3:  Tools We Use
Week 4:  Art All Around Us
Healthy You!
Week 1:  My Senses
Week 2:  Taking Care of Myself
Week 3:  Eating Well
Week 4:  Staying Safe
Nature All Around Us
Week 1:  How Do Plants Grow?
Week 2:  What's In the Sky?
Week 3:  Our Weather
Week 4:  The Seasons
Moving On
Week 1:  Going New Places
Week 2:  Trying New Things
Week 3:  I Can Do It!
Week 4:  We Are Big Now
***We also have Enrichment Literacy Weeks.  During this time, students are introduced to an Author Study that will enhance learning.
Last Modified on November 3, 2015