Mrs. Perez’ Weekly News

Homework for the Week

Read Every Day

Read My D Book Every Day


Monday: Have your child find items that begin with the letter D. Bring item to school for sharing.


Tuesday: Continue discussing families since our theme is about family.  Discuss how you care for each other and what some things you do in caring for family members. 


Wednesday: Rubber Ducky, have your child to experiment on how to make the duck move in the water without touching it.  By squirting spray from a spray bottle, making waves, or using his or her breath.  Discuss the letter D for duck. 


Thursday: Read Hickory, Dickory, Dock poem and have your child circle the letter D in the poem. 


Friday: No Homework

This Week’s Vocabulary Words:

domino, dolphin, donut, duck, dinosaur, dog, doll, deer, family, caring, feelings, love, longer, longest, shorter shortest, length, compare, healthy,

nutrition, soup, food, junk, fruit, vegetable
Last Modified on September 28, 2011