science, atom, number, molecule     Integrative Physics & Chemistry

Course Description: Students in IPC study a variety of topics that include but are not limited to: Structures and functions of matter; atomic structure, Periodic Table, energy, acceleration, and motion.
 Required Materials For The Course
1.  Good attitude and work ethic                            Textbook:  Physical Science
3.  Pocket Folder                                                       Publisher Holt
4.  Pens (Blue or Black)
5.  Pencils
Course Description: Physics introduces the central concepts of physics, including Newton's Laws of Motion, free-fall, projectile, and circular motion, the conservation laws, thermodynamics, waves, electricity, and magnetism.
Supplies:  Paper, pen or pencil, spiral notebook or 1 in. 2 ring binder, scissors, glue stick, loof leaf paper.
 Textbook:  Conceptual Physics      Author Paul G. Hewitt     Publisher Prentice Hall
Environmental Systems
Course Description: Students explore some of the history of environmental systems and investigate how the different environmental systems work individually and together.  By analyzing opposing viewpoint essays, students are challenged to form their own opinions about real-life environmental controversies.
SuppliesPaper, pen or pencil, spiral notebook, scissors, glue stick, colored pencils.
 Textbook:  Environmental Science    Author  Jane L. Person      Publishers J.M. LeBel Enterprises
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