Course Descriptions and Expections

     These are the TEKS for the foreign languages:  Objective 1 A, B, C (Communication) =The student communicates in a language other than English using the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in order to socialize and to provide and obtain information.
Objective 2 A, B  (Cultures)=The student gains knowledge and understanding of other cultures and their perspectives.  Objective 3 A, B (Connections)=The student uses the language to make connections with other subject areas and to acquire information.  Objective 4 A, B, C (Comparisons)=The student develops insight into the nature of the language and culture by comparing the student's own language and culture to another.  Objective 5 A, B (Communities)=The student participates in communities at home and around the world by using languages other than English. 
      French I and Spanish I.  These courses introduce the student to the study of language and some culture about the country.  The students study topics such as greeting and meeting people, the family, school, friends, week-end activities, meals, sports, money and shopping describing oneself and possessions, transportation, vacation and travel.  Students read very excerpts and dialogues.  At the end of the French I and the Spanish I course, the student should be able to speak, read and comprehend, and write at the mid-Beginner Level.
      French II.  This course is more intensive and more grammar driven than the French I course. Students study grammar,the topics studied in French I in more detail, plus medical and dental care, jobs and professions, and helping around the house. Students read excerpts from short stories and short poems.  Also included is the culture of Francophone countries.  At the end of the French II course, student should be able to speak, read and comprehend, and write at the beginning Intermediate Level.
      French III.  Students continue acquiring more vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing skills. Added to the topics from French II are the following topics: nature, health, a visit to the doctor, services and repairs,  hotel accomodations, and French history.  Students read short stories, fables, and longer excerpts from novels and histories.  At the end of the French III course, the student should be able to speak, read and  comprehend, and write at the advanced Intermediate Level. 

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