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  • Spring break is fast approaching

    Posted by Deborah Rubinstein at 3/3/2016


    In less than two weeks, students will be enjoying spring break. However, the end of the 3rd nine weeks is just around the corner, and it is of great importance that students attend tutorials so as to raise their grades. If you are unable to access your grades on-line, or if you'd like to conference with me so as to receive a print out of your missing assignments, low test grades, or to discuss tutoring hours, a failure contract or extra credit, please e-mail me at or come by Room 111.



    This Saturday, March 5, 2016, will be the last day students may make up hours for the first semester. Please be sure to attend.



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    Posted by Deborah Rubinstein at 2/8/2015
    Please schedule an appointment with me, if you are interested in reviewing your son or daughter's IEP goals. Additionally, we are opening an English I resource class, and I am providing additional after school tutoring in the area of Algebra I and English I, by appointment. Please e-mail me at if you would like to request a meeting or additional tutoring.
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  • Personality Type - future career paths, relationships, communication and learning styles

    Posted by Deborah Rubinstein at 5/3/2013
    When I went off to college, I thought I'd want to be a lawyer. Several internships later, I realized law school was not for me. So I asked for help at a career center on my college campus, and they had me take this really useful personality test, called Myers-Briggs.
    This is the link for the personality test:
    If you decide to take the test, please post the results.
    It would be fun to see what we all come up with...I tested as an ENFP. And, when I read the personality profile, I was surprised to see how much of it actually fit me. There are 16 personality types though, and I can't imagine all of the billions of people who have ever existed and will ever exist, will be able to fit neatly into a mere 16 types. I also didn't see a great deal of scientific research behind this. I have found it useful as a tool to help you find a career or a college major, or for help in better understanding how different people we meet, communicate and process information. 
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