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    Posted by Deborah Rubinstein at 5/3/2013
    When I went off to college, I thought I'd want to be a lawyer. Several internships later, I realized law school was not for me. So I asked for help at a career center on my college campus, and they had me take this really useful personality test, called Myers-Briggs.
    This is the link for the personality test:
    If you decide to take the test, please post the results.
    It would be fun to see what we all come up with...I tested as an ENFP. And, when I read the personality profile, I was surprised to see how much of it actually fit me. There are 16 personality types though, and I can't imagine all of the billions of people who have ever existed and will ever exist, will be able to fit neatly into a mere 16 types. I also didn't see a great deal of scientific research behind this. I have found it useful as a tool to help you find a career or a college major, or for help in better understanding how different people we meet, communicate and process information. 
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