• Need a refresher?

    Posted by Elizabeth Reece at 1/25/2012 10:35:00 AM

    After taking the STAAR Benchmark for Algebra 1, what are some things that YOU think we should go over?  What areas do you feel you struggled with?

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  • Engagement ideas??

    Posted by Elizabeth Reece at 12/29/2011

    As your teacher, I not only want you to learn Algebra, but I want to try to make it fun.  Next semester, I want to try to make our class more engaging and would like your ideas for how to do so.

    Think about what we have done in the past (ex: SmartBoard, clickers, jeopardy, projects, etc.)

    What ideas do you have on how to make Algebra more enjoyable?  How can we make Algebra more "fun" and engaging?  I need serious answers and extra credit will be given to those who post serious answers.  Be sure to post your name so I know who to give the credit to.


    Ms. Reece

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