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Name: Mr. M Perez
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Campus Phone number: 210-444-8300

Getting to know your teacher.

Believe it or not, I am an alumn of Memorial (c/o 98').  I earned my B.A. for teaching at Texas State in San Marcos. I also hold certification in social studies and physical education. 
I attempt to live green by only placing my garbage collection out only once a month, thanks to my composter. Also, I love to travel both in and out of the United States.
Here you can view photos of my travels to places w/in the 50 states.
If you are the type who is interested in traveling, I recommend taking my world geography class. Here we, get a chance to draw maps, study the physical characteristics of a place, and learn about the cultural aspects of various regions.
Ground Zero: New York City
Ground Zero
Time Square: 2009 Countdown
2009 countdown
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The Sound: Seattle, WA
Tree Trunk
Rock climbing
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