Course Description

World Geography: This course is designed to introduce the 5 themes of geography to incoming high school students. One aspect of world geography allows us to examine how the physical environment influences and shapes human existence. Another aspect lets us study how people influence and interact with each other, other cultures, and their environment. Students in world geography will use their ability to analyze to make connections from a variety of data about the world.
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Social Studies T.E.K.S.
World History: World History Studies is the only course offering students an overview a survey of the entire history of humankind. Due to the expanse of world history and the time limitations of the school year, the scope of this course should focus on "essential" concepts and skills that can be applied to various eras, events, and people. The major emphasis is on the study of significant people, events, and issues from the earliest times to the present. Traditional historical points of reference in world history are identified as students analyze important events and issues in western civilization as well as in civilizations in other parts of the world. Students evaluate the causes and effects of political and economic imperialism and of major political revolutions since the 17th century. Students examine the impact of geographic factors on major historic events and identify the historic origins of contemporary economic systems. Students analyze the process by which democratic-republican constitutional governments evolved as well as the ideas from historic documents that influenced that process. Students trace the historical development of important legal and political concepts. Students examine the history and impact of major religious and philosophical traditions. Students analyze the connections between major developments in science and technology and the growth of industrial economies, and they use the process of historical inquiry to research, interpret, and use multiple sources of evidence.
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