My Personal Leadership Credo

These are the core values and supporting leadership principles that I will live and lead by.  In my pursuit to live up to them, I may stumble. Nevertheless, when I do, I will know and I will be my worst critic. I will hold myself 100% accountable to them and continually evaluate myself against these values/principles and ask my team members, peers and leaders to do the same.



·         I will be driven by a strong sense of purpose and have the strength to persist in the face of setbacks and failure.

·         I will consistently establish and communicate clear goals and high expectations.

·         I will engage in shared leadership and together we will create and achieve the vision of our organization.

·         I will serve conscientiously and act with tenacity and persistence to improve the lives of those we serve rather than enhance my own self interest

·         I will continually bring a fresh and new approach towards all aspects of my job.



·         I will set high ethical standards and act with honor and uncompromising honesty.

·         I will earn and maintain trust and respect by keeping my word and honoring requested confidentiality.

·         I will be fair, consistent and reliable in all that I do.

·         I will live and lead by the principles of my Leadership Credo daily.



·         I will accept 100% responsibility for all of my actions.

·         I will follow through on all my promises and commitments.

·         I will accept responsibility for my failures and those of my team.

·         I will admit when I don’t know something or when I am wrong.

·         I will admit to my mistakes and correct them immediately.

·         When met with challenges, I will develop options and apply the best solution.


Courage & Decisiveness

·         I will have the discipline, energy, determination and strength to stand up for my beliefs and will take action to get things done.

·         I will not be deterred by fear and avoid uncomfortable topics.

·         I will make timely decisions with confidence.

·         I will make tough yes/no decisions.

·         I will make decisions on what is in the best interests of the organization.

·         I will collaborate with all team members.

·         I will listen actively to everyone’s questions and comments.


·         I will demonstrate strong and effective capabilities and deliver strong results.

·         I will master the technical, human and leadership requirements associated with my position. 

·         I will maintain a professional manner at all times. 

·         I will be a lifelong learner in order to grow and develop professionally.

·         I will develop leaders at all levels and throughout the organization.



·         I will act and lead with enthusiasm and emotional energy.

·         I will embrace change and transformation.

·         I will have positive dialogue and interactions with students, parents and staff consistently.

·         I will actively engage and energetically solicit student, parental and community involvement.


Caring & Supportive

·         I will create a climate of support and provide positive reinforcement and feedback.

·         I will treat others with dignity and respect.

·         I will demonstrate patience, empathy and caring towards others.

·         I will collaborate with all team members.

·         I will listen actively to others and give my audience my individual attention.

·         I will display a sense of humor.




Management Operating Style


This is a profile of my management operating style. It reflects the vital few character and competence elements that shape and drive my operating practices and procedures. Most importantly, it reflects clear and concise specific work expectations for those I lead.  My expectations will always demonstrate individual consideration for people’s personal needs, but never demonstrate preferential treatment towards selected individuals.



My Management Operating Style Procedures & Expectations


  • Communication & Information Expectations

-   I prefer to have face to face conversations but I am open to text messages, emails and telephone calls.

-   I appreciate open two way communications.  I prefer to know than not know. 

-   Please do not begin the conversation with “I know you’re busy but…”  I value your time and mine.  I will let you know if we need to schedule a separate time for additional dialogue.

-   I will use emails, telephones, messengers, newsletters, memorandums, and intercom systems to communicate any pertinent information on a timely basis.

-   Scheduled meetings will begin on time and end on time.

-   Unscheduled meeting will be held on an as needed basis.


  • Accessibility Expectations

-   I have an open door policy.

-   I am readily available any time my office door is open.

-   If you need confidentiality, you need to tell me so that we can go to my office.

-   You can always reach me in case of an emergency.

o   Front Office:   444-8300

o   Office:            444-8307

-    If I am not in, leave a message. 



  • Problem-solving & Decision-making Expectations

-   I expect that everyone will use the mission statement to help guide decisions.

-   I expect that everyone will use best practices to find solutions to problems.

-   I expect everyone to feel responsible for their own actions and acknowledge mistakes.

-   I believe you must move forward and not dwell on past mistakes.

-   I expect everyone to bring solutions to the process.

-   I expect everyone to use systemic processes to make decisions.



  • Relationship Expectations

-   I expect that everyone will collaborate through department meetings, faculty meetings and day to day interactions.

-   I expect that everyone will appreciate the diversity of others by respecting and validating each other’s ideas.

-   All efforts must be extended in order to build and strengthen the foundations of working relationships by establishing school norms.

-   I expect everyone to model congeniality.

-   I never tolerate the mistreatment of students. I expect each of you to engage in the highest professional and ethical relationships with the students we serve and support.

-   I expect everyone to maintain a professional appearance at all times.



  • Vacations and Time Off Expectations

-   I will take vacations and will hold the same expectation for everyone.

-   I will prepare for emergencies by cross training personnel.

-   I will make arrangements as far ahead as I can and I will expect everyone to follow suit.

-   I will set procedures into place so that people can feel comfortable that things will run smoothly when they are not there.



  • Performance Appraisals Expectations

-   I believe that commitment to continuous improvement requires commitment to continuous learning and evaluation. 

-   The PDAS will be the tool that will be used to measure growth throughout the school year.

-   I will work with you on expectations and goals for the year.

-   Formal observations walk through, student growth, and other pertained data will be collected throughout the year to measure success.

-   Your performance will be measured at the end of the year against our agreed upon goals.

-   I will be clear about my expectations.

-   I will help to develop all staff professionally.

-   I will be fair.

-   I will maintain confidential trust about evaluations.

-   I believe that all evaluations are growth instruments.



  • Work Environment Expectations

-   Same day emergencies call me.  If I do not answer leave a message.

-   Update emergency lesson plans every two weeks with student work and schedules.

-   I expect staff to make all appropriate arrangements when preparing for an absence.

-   Call in absence to sub line.

-   Prepare student work and leave detailed instructions that would allow for any individual to take over your class.

-   I believe in a safe work environment.

-   I trust everyone to complete assignments on time.  But if additional time is needed, I expect to be notified.

-   My work hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM but many days I come early or stay late.

-   Please communicate any problems, concerns or issues. 



·         Things that Disappoint and Frustrate Me

-   People who do not take responsibility for their mistakes.



  • Personal/Social Expectations

-   I love to travel, garden and read.

-   I love to get together with friends.

-   I love to learn new things.

-   I love to teach and watch others teach.

-   I am happily married.





Last Modified on January 27, 2012