• Intro to Animals through Jellyfish

    by C Marascio Length: 2:01
    This episode goes through taxomony basics and the characteristics of sponges and jellyfish.
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  • Worms

    by C Marascio Length: 1:22
    This vidoe goes throught the characteristics of flatworms, roundworms, and segmented worms.
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  • Shells

    by C Marascio Length: 2:25
    This video goes throught the chacteristics of animals with shells.  Molluscs, Arthropods, and Echinoderms.
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  • Vertebrates

    by C Marascio Length: 2:16
    This video goes through the 5 classes of Chordata, animals with a backbone.
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Last Modified on April 10, 2013