The Behavior Disorder Unit


The BD unit is very unique in that it provides a special environment for students to receive extra one on one help with their assignments as well emotional and behavior support. For some students who make use of the Unit, it is their main classroom.

Those who are placed in the BD Unit as per their ARD and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) are given the opportunity to work their way out from the unit back to the regular classes.




The Unit uses a Point and Level System to evaluate, assess, and determine each student’s readiness to be mainstreamed.


The point sheet is used to monitor and document daily progress in such areas as:

·        Following District, School, and Classroom Rules

·        Attendance

·        Number of times out of seat

·        Disruption of class

·        Completing assignments

·        Use of inappropriate language

·        Aggressiveness

-         verbal aggression

-         physical aggression



      MHS (BD unit point/level system procedure)



Level 1

(a)   5 consecutive days of 80% or better on point sheet

(b)  No computer free time

(c)  No lunch privileges (lunch in class room)

(d)  Must be walked/escorted to and from bathroom and electives


Level 2

(a)  10 consecutive days of 80% or better on point sheet

(b) Computer free time

(c)  Lunch privileges

(d) Bathroom break with a pass

(e)  Walk self to and from electives


Level 3 (student at this LEVEL is ready for transition)

(a)  10 consecutive days of 80% or better on point sheet

(b) All level 2 privileges

(c)  Extra personal time for (art, book of choice, library work, etc.)

(d) Ready to get out of BD unit into general/regular classes



                             NOTE TO STUDENTS

Remember that you are responsible for the duration of your stay in this unit. You are in this unit because of your behavior. You will get out as soon as you can show/prove that you are capable of functioning appropriately among the general population in the school.






1.         All students must have a pass.


2.         Respect all staff and students


3.         Use appropriate language


4.         Bring work and supplies from your class.


5.         If you cannot follow the rules, you will be sent back to class or the discipline center.


Mr. E. Manuagwu

                         RM. 103


To have a successful DAY in the unit, the student must:


  • come to class
  • be on time
  • do work and complete assignment
  • have no discipline referral
  • no profanity
  • stay in assigned seat
  • respect others
  • keep hands and objects to self
  • make no cell phone use in classroom
  • make no use of iPods


for four or five consecutive days depending on the ARD committee decision.



Last Modified on February 13, 2012