Krista L. Hays

Personal Leadership Credo


These are the leadership values and guiding principles that I will live and lead by.  Although living up to these principles may be difficult at times, they will serve as my guide and I am accountable to each principle.  I will evaluate my daily actions against these principles, and I will ask my team members, peers, and leaders to do the same.


Vision & Leadership I will engage in shared leadership and together we will achieve the vision of our organization. I will be driven by a strong sense of purpose and set clear goals and expectations. 


Honor I will lead with integrity and high ethical standards.  I will be truthful and honest in all that I do. I will never mislead; I will be open and candid in my conversations.  I will be fair and consistent in all matters.  I will build my credibility by earning the trust and confidence of others. I will live and lead by the leadership principles set forth in my leadership credo.


Accountability - I will deliver on all my promises and commitments. I will accept responsibility for my failures and those of my team. I will admit when I don’t know something or when I am wrong. When met with challenges, I will develop options and apply the best solution.


Moral Courage & Decisiveness – I will remain invariant in my commitment to these principles, Memorial High School, and the campus and district mission and vision.  I will have the discipline, energy, determination and strength to stand up for my beliefs and will take action to get things done. I will not be deterred by fear and avoid uncomfortable topics. I will make timely decisions with confidence. I will make tough yes/no decisions. I will make decisions on what is in the best interests of the organization.


Emotional EnergyI will create a work environment that encourages teamwork and pride. I will act and lead with inspiration and enthusiasm. I will embrace change and transformation. I will motivate others in the face of change and transformation.


Caring & Respect I will be a good listener. I will act with constancy and reliability in all that I do. I will value diversity and treat everyone with dignity and honor. I will provide purposeful and constructive feedback in private. I will be responsive to people’s needs and follow-through on my commitments. I will recognize and celebrate successes. I will hold an ethic of service and genuinely respect the intelligence and contribution of every team member.


Know Thyself – I will assess my actions, strengths, and weaknesses on a daily basis through the continuous professional improvement process.  I will master the technical, human and leadership requirements associated with my position. I will take responsibility for my learning, growth and development. I will be a lifelong learner.


Stamina – I will remain physically, mentally, and emotionally fit.  I will exercise on a regular basis to achieve physical and emotional fitness. 

Last Modified on January 27, 2012