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My name is Krista Hays and I am an Assistant Principal at Memorial High School. 
I was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and my family moved to San Antonio when I was a teenager.  After high school graduation, I attended the University of Texas at Austin and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1998.  I also earned a master's degree in educational administration from Texas A & M Kingsville in 2004.
I began my teaching career in Edgewood ISD in 1999 at John F. Kennedy High School teaching Government and World History. 
Shortly thereafter, I was deployed by the U.S. Army and reported casualties for the Southwest Asia Theater in 2002-2003.  I also coordinated flights for soldiers returning from R & R in 2004-2005. 
Upon my return from deployment, I taught U.S. History at Truman Middle School for one year.  After being deployed again, I went on to Brentwood Middle School, where I taught Texas History.  The following year I returned to Kennedy where I taught World History, Psychology and Sociology.  I also served as the Social Studies Interventionist. After being in the classroom for 9 years, I became the Academic Dean at Kennedy High School.  From there, I went on to Gus Garcia where I was the Assistant Principal.  I finally found a home at Memorial High School last year. 
I am very happy to return to the high school and serve in the capacity as an Assistant Principal at Memorial High School.
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