For scales and tonic mini arpeggios practice go to any computer in the Band Hall that has Smart Music.
Your homework will be to practice using Smart Music.
After practicing with it you will be required to have an assessment done, tempo 120 you must make a grade of a 90 or more to turn in.
Go to my podcast if you need to remember how to use Smart Music, it will explain it in detail.
For Sight Reading, you will also use Smart Music. Go to the section on Smart Music that reads Sight Reading, click on it and start with section a1 and continue. Each individual assignment must be a 90 or above to turn in for a grade.
Smart Music - You may use this as well for rehearsing your Concert music as well Varsity Band, Non varsity the music for Georgia is also there to work with for Band Festival.
Instructional Resources: Smart Music on the computers in the bandhall.
You can access several links on my helpful link page. Including but not limited to the topics listed below.
Music Theory, Jazz, Guitar Chord Chart, Scale Sheets, Colorguard, Winter Colorguard, Woodwind Fingering charts, Brass Fingering Charts, Percussion Rudiments.
Last Modified on April 11, 2013