Counselor's Corner...

                                       ..."You are the seeds of tomorrow"  sunflower

     I am the Career Academy School Counselor, Lorry Gordiano.
My goal is to help you reach yours. Students will learn about goal setting and gain the skills needed to guide them through personal growth. I will be using the four components of  the Texas Comprehensive, Developmental School Guidance and Counseling Program with students. These components are Guidance Curriculum, Responsive Services, Individual Planning, and System Support.
     Guidance Curriculum will be used in guiding students to learn responsible behavior, gain self-confidence, and attain the motivation to achieve. Skills will be learned and applied in decision-making, goal-setting, planning, problem-solving, communication, social skills. 
     Responsive Services will address the immediate concerns of our students for prevention and intervention to maintain a healthy outlook on life. The following areas will be addressed: academic concerns, school-related concerns, relationship concerns, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, grief/loss, substance abuse, family issues, harassment issues, coping with stress, and suicide prevention.
     Individual Planning will be used to help students in monitoring and understanding their own development through planning and goal setting. The areas to address are educational, career, and personal-social.
     System Support will include program and staff support activities and services. These will range from the development of the Guidance program, Teacher/administrator consultation, Parent conferences, Community outreach, and my professional development to help our students ultimately.
     My counseling office is located at the Fine Arts Academy building on the 2nd floor in room C216. I am available Monday - Friday from 8:00 am- 5:30 pm or if a later time is convenient. I am also available to assist parents by setting up and facilitating conferences. I can be reached at (210) 444- 7925 ext. 2270 ; also,
The Comprehensive Guidance Program for Texas Public Schools: a Guide for Program Development, Pre-K - 12th Grade.Austin, TX: Texas Education Agency, 2004. Print.
Last Modified on October 12, 2012