Welcome to First Grade!
by: Valerie Alwood, 1st grade teacher
phone: 444-8375
Howdy Students and Parents!

   There are many exciting things to learn in first grade. First graders learn to read! We begin with syllables, sounds and word parts and before you know it they are reading words, signs, and entire books!  I encourage you to browse through this site and find out what goes on in our first grade world.  Here are some of the highlights:
  • Your child will learn to read and understand what an author is trying to communicate to the reader. So, you will be invited to view other websites that are relevant to reading.
    • Imath kids t is also important to know our math facts well so that we can be ready to tackle more intricate math problems. So, you will be directed to a Math site that will help you sharpen your math skills.       http://englishforkids.wikispaces.comkids learning
        You will be given a glimpse into what we are studying and thinking about in first grade.
      • teacher I will give you a little information about me as well.
        Parents,  I will be updating information on this page from time to time. New examples of your child’s work may be added, and you can learn about things we are currently investigating in the classroom. Please use the contact information at the top of this page to call or email me anytime during the school year if you want to know how things are going for your child in the classroom, have any concerns, or want to share something about your child.

Last Modified on September 14, 2015