Welcome to Ms. Gutierrez' Third Grade Class


 study, apple, pile, reading, teacher, tied, education, books, belt, learning, literary, knowledge, literacy, literature, glasses, educational, skill, fruit, indoors, papers Welcome to another exiting school year. Go Loma Park Mustangs! We await a very challenging year.

 I will be teaching your child many strategies in order to be successful in the STAAR for reading and math.

  • In reading, fluency and comprehension are very important. I will be teaching many skills such as main idea, summarization, cause and effect, drawing conclusions, sequencing...
  • In language arts, the students will be taught how to write narrative and expository compositions to get ready for the fourth grade.
  • In math, the students will learn many strategies such as reading and understanding the problem by bracketing the question,  looking at the data and underlining it, and circling key or important words. Finally, all problems will have to worked out. These objectives will be covered the first semester:  Place Value, Addition/Subtraction of Operatins,  Multiplication/Division, and Fractions. The second semester these objectives will be covered:  Measurement, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, and Tying it all up with Problem Solving.


As you can see, third grade is where the student starts to learn and apply many strategies. These strategies must be used in order for the student to be successful and to pass the STAAR.





Third Grade Schedule


Ms. B. Gutierrez

Room 211


7:45-10:45                    ELAR (185min)


                                        Guided Reading/Literacy Centers

                                        Comprehension Instruction

                                        Read Aloud

                                        Writer's Workshop (journals, Lang. Arts, Spelling)




10:50-11:55                Math (65)-Cscopes amd Math Daily Warm-ups




12:00-12:30                Lunch


12:30-1:15                    Rotations/Conference


1:15-1:30                      Math (con’t)  (15 min.)


1:30-2:30                      Science


2:30-3:15                      Social Studies



Library (Monday 1:20 -2:00)

Health (Tuesday 9:25- 10:10)

Science Lab (Wed. 10:30-11:15)

Recess (Wed. 2:30-2:50)






Classroom Rules


  1.  Safety First.
  2. Be respectful at all times.
  3. Remain in assigned area.
  4. Follow directions.
  5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
First Warning:  Verbal
Second Warning:  Move clip to warning
Third Warning:  Time out
Fourth Warning: Stage One
Fifth Warning: Office Referral and/or parent contact
Five stage ones = an office referral
  • Extra computer time
  • Extra library time
  • board games
  • treats such as stickers, prizes...
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