Erlinda Rodriguez 
Early Childhood Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Specialist
K-2 Reading
K-1 Writing


Edgewood Service Center,
Formerly Emma Frey, Room 3

900 S. San Eduardo
San Antonio, TX 78237
Phone: 210-444-8110 ext.1051 
Fax: 210-444-8143

"There's nothing quite like being there the moment a child says, I can read! I can read!"
children reading

A. Reading 2013-2014 Year At a Glance
B. Reading Scope & Sequence Lessons & TEKS
C. Writing-
D. Best Practices
E. Mathematics 2013-2014 CSCOPE Year At a Glance (YAG)
F. Social Studies 2013-2014 CSCOPE Year At a Glance (YAG)
G. Science 2013-2014 CSCOPE Year At a Glance (YAG)
F. 2013-2014 Literacy Coaching Initiative
G. 2013-2014 Prekindergarten

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"Teachers are thirsty for great leadership. We all want to be appreciated and acknowledged. Walk through this scenario with me if you will. Think of a mentor--someone who has professionally inspired and influenced your life. Now picture a morning when you are preparing to go to school and the phone rings. Upon answering the phone, you are excited that it is your mentor who has taken the time to connect with you. This significant person begins to explain that the reason for the call is to tell you what a great person you are, how fortunate the world is to have you in it, and how you truly make a difference in the lives of others. They conclude with a few more accolades and wish you a happy day. What kind of day would you have? How would you feel? Would you feel invincible? We all know the answers. The lesson? Simply, genuinely building people up can affect their total outlook on life. Words of encouragement can affect everyone you touch throughout the day."
-excerpt from the book "If You Don't Feed the Teachers, They will Eat the Students" By Neila A. Connors
Edgewood Teachers, make that difference to a fellow teacher, a student or a parent today. You make that difference for me.