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A Guide to the Instructional Technology Facilitator’s Role

Purpose of Position:

·Provides training and support to staff members on technology integration, the Texas Technology Application TEKS, the SBEC

·Technology Competencies for Educators, and administrative applications.

·Assists in inducting new staff.

·Assist with hardware, software, and network products.

·Assists in the implementation of the district initiatives and building-level technology plans.

·Duties & Responsibilities

1. Planning and Facilitating Teaching and Learning

·Collaborates all instructional staff to develop curriculum materials and specific lesson plans that integrates technology

·Demonstrates and models on a regular basis the integration of technology in all curriculum areas

·Facilitates school participation in technology programs and activities

·Provide sustained, in-depth professional development for campus staff

·Collaborates to provide leadership in the school‘s use of instructional technology resources to enhance learning

·Follows a plan for professional development and actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally

·Provide frequent feedback to staff members and administrators regarding instructional technology

2. Planning and Facilitating Information Access and Delivery

·Works with the principal and school leadership team to provide access to technology resources and services

·Works with campus and technology staff in the selection of resources that are compatible with the school’s infrastructure

·Participates with any Technology Committee to assist with planning the design of the technology infrastructure so that information resources are continually available to the school community

·Adheres to and communicates copyright &other laws and guidelines pertaining to the distribution and ethical use resources

·Facilitates remote/live broadcast of events and training on the use of multimedia equipment and software

3. Planning and Facilitating Program Administration

·Leads, in partnership with the Instructional Technology Specialist and Campus Performance Objectives Committee (CPOC) in effective decision making to promote the media and technology program.

·Monitors the use of instructional technology to ensure that resources and activities enhance rigorous academic content and the school’s mission

·Provides support for TxGradebook, Pinnacle,Edusoft and any other district adopted software program available in the division

·Collaborates with teachers, Curriculum Specialists, Library Media staff and Technology staff to evaluate and select resources addressing curricular needs and learning goals

·Attends district-level support/follow-up sessions during the school year

·Prepares and submits accurate reports as required

·Use appropriate and effective techniques for community and parent involvement

·Facilitate the Technology Inventory process

Debra Martinez
Instructional Technology Facilitator
Roy Cisneros Elementary
Last Modified on February 13, 2015