Welcome to Ms. Troche's 4th Grade FAQ Page!

When does the school day start and end? Students need to be on campus by 7:30.  Breakfast will be given in the room by 7:45. Instruction will begin at 8:00. A student will be considered tardy at 7:50. Students will be dismissed at 3:15. Please be ready to pick up your child five minutes early. Students who are not picked up by 3:30 will be waiting in the front office with a para-professional and administration.
What about tutoring and Saturday school? Tutoring will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays sometime in October. It will continue until the end of STAAR and last from 3:30-4:30. Saturday school will focus on writing concepts and the dates will be announced. Saturday school and tutoring is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.  
What is the homework policy? Homework may not be sent home daily, but it will be common. Unless stated otherwise, students are responsible for turning homework in the next day. Failure to turn in homework will result in a point taken off of their classroom avatar and a loss of recess until homework is turned in.
What if I need to set up a conference? Call the LBJ front office at 210-444-8175. My conference time is from 2:05-3:00. We can also set up another time if you cannot make it at that time. You may also contact me personal at tamara.troche@eisd.net.

What is the discipline policy? A disciplinary issue will first be given a warning and a point will be taken from their classroom avatar. A second warning will result in another point taken off and loss of recess. A third warning will result in a stage one and a call home. If a student receives 5 stage ones, they will be given an office referral and a parent conference will be set up with me and the principal/vice principal.

What about field trips? Fourth grade will have two to three field trips. The dates will be announced and forms will be sent home about a week or two in advance.  
What about supplies for school? Supplies will be provided by the school. Later in the school year, students will also be sent home with their own box of supplies to keep at home.  
Are there volunteer opportunities for parents? We are always looking for chaperones to help us with classroom parties, field trips, and other events at the school. PTA is a great way to get involved with LBJ. If you are interested, please contact me through my email.