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Friday, October 24 is EARLY RELEASE. Students will be dismissed at 11:45.

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Spelling Words

Week 9: Oct. 20-24

  1. Spark – a small bit of burning material thrown off by a fire.
  2. Prepare – to make or get ready.
  3. Cheer – to shout encouragement or approval.
  4. Tear – a rip in a piece of paper or another substance.
  5. Scarf – a strip of material worn around the neck or head for decoration or warmth.
  6. Scare – to frighten a person or animal.
  7. Repair – to fix something that is broken.
  8. Earring – a piece of jewelry worn on or through the ear.
  9. Scarce – something that is hard to find because there is so little of it.
  10. Weird – strange or mysterious.
  11. Sharp – having an edge or a point that cuts or pierces easily, as in a sharp knife.
  12. Rear – the back of something.
  13. Spare – kept for use when needed, as in a spare tire.
  14. Gear – a set of wheels with teeth that fit together and pass on or change the movement of a machine.
  15. Hairy – to be covered with hair.
  16. Compare – to judge one thing against another and notice similarities and differences.
  17. Alarm – a device with a bell, buzzer, or siren that warns people of danger.
  18. Harsh – cruel or rough, as in a harsh punishment.
  19. Upstairs – to or on a higher floor.
  20. Square - a shape with four equal sides and four right angles. 

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  This weeks reading: Dear Mr. Winston