Mrs. Pacheco's 4th Grade Class


Box Tops

Spelling Words

Week 12 Nov.10-14

  1. Rising – to move from a lower to a higher place.
  2. Traced – to copy by following lines seen through a piece of thin paper.
  3. Stripped – a long, narrow piece of something as in a strip of paper.
  4. Slammed – to close with force and a loud noise.
  5. Dancing – to move the body or feet in time to music.
  6. Striped – a long narrow band.
  7. Winning – to be victorious or successful.
  8. Snapping – to make or cause to make a sudden, sharp sound as in snapping your fingers.
  9. Bragging – to speak with too much praise about what one does or owns.
  10. Handled – to touch or hold with the hand.
  11. Dripped – to fall or let fall in drops.
  12. Begged – to ask in a humble way.
  13. Dared – to ask someone to do something as a test of courage or ability.
  14. Skipped – to spring or bound along, hopping lightlyt on one foot and then on the other.
  15. Hitting – to give a blow or to strike.
  16. Spotted – a mark or stain left by dirt, food, or other matter.
  17. Raced – a contest to find out who is the fastest.
  18. Dimmed – having or giving little light; not bright.
  19. Spinning – to turn around quickly.
  20. Escaped – to get free.


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  This weeks reading: The Earth Dragon Awakens