Welcome to Ms. Alfaro's Homepage

Welcome parents and students my name is Ms. Alfaro, I am currently the K-5th Grade Reading Interventionist (AIT).
As the reading interventionist my responsibities are the following:
  • Monitor and assess data on TPRI/ Tejas Lee to plan student reading interventions for lower grades.
  • Monitor and assess data on comprehensives to assess interventions for grades 3rd-5th.
  • Plan and implement student instruction according to student individual needs
  • Conduct instruction in a small group setting to maximize student achievement.
  • Collaborate with teachers effectively to align indivual student achievement.
  • Collaborate with Admistrative Team in regards to instructional decisions involving students serviced.
  • Monitor Archdiocese mentors for effective instruction to students.
  • U.I.L. coordinator/coach

Read! Read! Read!