classroom 224 Welcome to Mr. Marc-Charles 8th Grade Math & Algebra I Phone: 210-444-7675 Room: 224 Math Tutoring: Tuesday & Thursday 4-4:45pm Conference period: 7th period Schedule: 1st period - Algebra I 2nd period- Math 8th 3rd period- Math 8th 4th period- Math 8th 5th period- Math 8th 6th period- Algebra I 7th period- Conference Welcome to 8th grade Math and Algebra I. This class will be dedicated to using our time wisely in order to grow effectively. The class will also be conducted in a fair manner while we work hard towards a greater understanding of mathematical material. I am looking forward to working with the students here at Brentwood. It is my pleasure to meet you all. Sincerely, Jean-Pierre Marc-Charles