Welcome to Mr. Medrano's U.S. History
8th Grade
Parents: We are currently working on our American Revolution Timeline, students are expected to the following summaries and illustrations done by October 2nd. Please visit site for updates on assignments and due dates.
  1. French and Indian War
  2. Proclamation Line 1763
  3. Sugar Act
  4. Stamp Act
  5. Albany Plan of Union
We the people...
Welcome to 8th grade U.S. History!
Social Studies STAAR May 12th, 2016
*No late work after 10 school days, unless student has excused absence.

This course covers the major eras and events in U.S. history through 1877, including colonization, revolution,drafting of the Declaration of Independence, creation and ratification of the Constitution, religious revivals such as the Second Great Awakening, early republic, the Age of Jackson, westward expansion, reform movements,sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction.
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