Welcome to Math
7th Grade
Mrs. Pride
Technology Assessments completed

Dear Parents and students,

     Welcome to the wonderful world of Mathematics, where learning can be fun! What happens in this classroom will affect the future of every student.  I feel that teaching through technology is a MUST in today's society. Our classroom contains a Promethean Board, Graphing Calculators, Promethean Clickers, and Computers, with internet access.  I ask that all students treat classroom equipment as if it were their own! Lastly, I always strive to achieve a healthy home-school relationship since it's vital to your child's success.  The time in my classroom will be well spent, and your child will have gained a wealth of knowledge that will make for a bright and prosperous future.
     We have talented students here at Brentwood Middle School, and our goal is to train your children up as our future leaders of tomorrow. I can't wait to see what each of us will be able to do by the end of the school year!
Mrs.  Pride
telephonePlease feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding your child.
Contact Information:

(210) 444-7675 
Math Department Conference Time:09:16am –10:08am
Tutoring Times/ Homework Center:  Tuesday and Thursday - 4 :00 - 5:00pm in Rm. 223
Classroom Schedule 
                                                                     1st Period      8:15 - 9:12 
                                                                     2nd Period      9:16 - 10:08 (conference)
                                                                     3rd Period      10:12 - 11:04
                                                                     4th Period      11:08 - 12:22 
                                                                     5th Period      12:59 - 1:51 
                                                                     6th Period      1:55 - 2:47 
                                                                     7th Period      2:51 - 3:45
Integer Math Mouse