Hello Brentwood Family!

I will be working as an Inclusion Teacher for the 2013-2014 school year working with 6th-8th grade. I am very happy and passionate about teaching your child for this school year. My goal is for your child to excel in all areas through hard work. I am looking forward to having a successful school year. Together as a team I know we can accomplish high success in your child's learning. If you ever have any concerns or questions feel free to contact me.
 -Mr. Ortiz
Technology Assessments completed  

My Contact Information




210-444-7675 x1765


Room 1 Located in Hoelscher building
After School Tutorial: Tuesday-Thursday (4pm-5pm)
Classroom Schedule

1st          8:15-9:12            Slege 3x Sweeney 2x 

2nd        9:16-10:08           Math Resource

3rd         10:12-11:04         Marc Charles 3x Starr 2x

4th         11:08-12:55         Sweeney 3x DeLuna 2x



5th         12:59-1:51           Starr 3x Campbell 2x

6th         1:55-2:47              Conference

7th         2:51-3:45              Reading Resouce