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The purpose of this webpage is to provide a centralized location for public access to District information and documents. The information on this site and those sites that it links to will be updated as needed. The infomation on this site will be maintained in accordance with State Records Retention Schedule

Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) Report (Education Code, §39.252) All Reports  
Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) 2013-2014 TAPR Glossary

Performance Rating of the District (Education Code, §39.252)  
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Reports
Overview All Reports
Overview of Performance Index Framework 2014  
Current Accountability Rating and Distinction Designations District Accountability Rating
Campus Accountabilty Ratings
PBMAS Data 2013 2014
Definitions and Explanation of Each Performance Rating Described by Education Code 39.072(a) 

School Improvement Program

Texas Education Agency (TEA) - School Report Cards (Education Code, §39.252) TEA Campus Reports
Notice of accreditation-warned or accreditation-probation status (Education Code, §39.052 (e))
District Improvement Plan (Education Code, §39.106(e-1)(2))  2014-2015
Community and Student Engagement District and Campus Ratings
(Education Code Sec. 39.0545. School District Evaluation of Performance in Community and Student Engagement; Compliance).

District Scorecard 2013-2014  
Conflict Disclosure Statements and Questionnaires (Local Government Code, §176.009(a)) District Purchasing Department
Check Register (FIRST, Title 19 Administrative Code, §109.1002(e)(2)(D))
Accounts Payable Website
Superintendent’s Contract (FIRST, Title 19 Administrative Code, §109.1005(b)(2)(A)) Contract


Summary of Proposed Budget (Education Code, §44.0041)
District Official Budget and Summary
Post Adopted Budget (Education Code, §39.084)
Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas Costs (Government Code, §2264.001(b) Utilities Analysis If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email Rebecca Alonzo at 210-444-4510 rebecca.alonzo@eisd.net
First Rating Accounting Webpage
Proposed Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate (Tax Code, §26.05(b)) Webpage
Federal Grant Awards (Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA))
Bond Requirements IRMA Letter




Landowner’s Bill of Rights (Property Code, §21.0112(b)(2))
English Spanish
Notice of School Board Meeting (Government Code, §551.056(a)-(b))
Agenda for School Board Meeting (Government Code, §551.056)
Notice of Nondiscrimination English/Spanish
Campaign Finance Reports (Election Code, §254.0411)
Disclosure of Substantial Interest in a Business Entity Sonia Elizondo/Mystique Cheer and Sports

Immunization Awareness (Education Code, §38.019) Health Sevices / Wellness Immunizations Webpage
Statement of Public Inspection by School Health Advisory Council
Student Welfare Wellness and Health Services Policy FFA (Legal)
Food Services Management Policy CO (Legal)
Community Relations Conduct on School Premises Policy GKC (Legal)
Immunizations FFAB Legal (with attached document linked)
School Health Advisory Council Website





Group Health Coverage Report and Plan (Education Code, §22.004(d))
Insurance Comparability Report
Vacancy Postings (Education Code, §11.1513(d)(1)(B))
Posting of Vacancies (Education Code, §11.163(d))
School Board’s Employment Policies (Education Code, §21.204(d))  Edgewood ISD - Bexar County Board Policy Manual
At Will Employment
Employment Practices
Employment Requirements and Restrictions

Reverse Auction Scheduled Internet Location (Government Code, §2155.062(d))




Student and Parent Handbook 2014-15
Truancy Department
Acceptable Use Policy English Spanish Edgenet User Agreement Form
College Credit Programs (Education Code, §28.010(b))
Physical Activity Policies (Education Code, §28.004(k)) EISD Athletics and Physical Education Department: Required
Testing for Home Schooled Students (Education Code, §29.916(c))
Electronic Courses (Education Code, §29.909(f))
Transcript Request
Transcripts / Student Records
Supplemental Education Services
Child Find Public Notice 2013-2014
Bullying Reporting Procedures Edgewood ISD - Bexar County Board Policy Manual
Bullying Reporting Procedure FFH Exhibit
Freedom from Discrimination, Harrassment, and Retaliation FFH Local
Student Code of Conduct FO Legal
The above information has been compiled using the required posting lists provided by the Texas Association of School Administrators and the Texas Association of School Business Officials.
Last Modified on June 16, 2015