Meet the Loma Park Special Education Team

Ms. Perez  

Ms. Watkins  

Ms. Horne  

Mr. Galmor  

Ms. Roberts   

Ms. Perez, LSSP 

Ms. Watkins Special Education Teacher

Ms. Horne     Special Education Teacher

Mr. Galmor    Special Education Teacher

Ms. Roberts Speech Therapist


 Ms. Palmer

Ms .G  

 Ms. D

Ms. P  

Ms. V Ms. M

   Ms. Palmer  Speech Therapy    Assistant

Ms. Gutierrez
Ms. Davila

Ms. Pinedo


 Ms. Valadez
 Ms. Mehne


Special Education Team
Halloween 2012


Mission Statement
To prepare students with special needs to achieve their 
individual career goals through self-advocacy and self-determination.


To provide a variety of education program services to meet 
the unique needs of students with special needs.

To assure a continuum of educational placement is available for 
all students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment.
 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Abby Perez, LSSP at 444-8267
                                                                                                                               Updated 12/13/2012