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Department: Electives
Phone: 210-444-8040 Ext:3137

Tutoring Times
 This will be determined upon availability and appointment only.

Welcome Rocket fans!
I am the Head Volleyball coach and JV soccer coach, as you now, time is of the essents. If at any time you need to talk with me, I suggest you schedule an appoint a the main office of JFK. You my also call me between the hours of 8:00 am -8:30 am, 12:40 pm-2:00 pm.
Thank you.....
Go Rockets!




1st (8:45:9:38)

Team Sports

2nd (9:43-10:40)

Individual Sports

3rd (10:45-11:38)


4th (11:43-12:40)


5th (1:17-2:10)


6th (2:15-3:08)

Athletics I

7th (3:13-4:10) 

Athletics II, III, IV