Hello and Bienvenidos!
                    This is the home page for Mike Siguaw.
I am a teacher and Inclusion / Support Facilitator for all Social Studies subjects;
World Geography, World History, US History and Government / Economics.
I also assist with English 2 classes.
My schedule
1st period: 
M-W-F    World Geography  ( Mr. Castillo - rm 224 )
T-Th        English 2 ( Mr. Cantu - rm 203 )
2nd period:    

3rd period:   

 M-F      English 2 ( Ms. Guajardo - rm 219 )
  W        World History ( Mr. Floyd - rm 222 )
T-Th     World Geography  ( Ms. Reid - rm 225 )
'A ' Lunch
4th period: 

M-W-F   US History ( Ms. Reid - rm 225 )
T-TH      World History ( Mr. Floyd  - rm 222 )
5th period: 

M-W-F    World History ( Mr. Hernandez - rm 209
T-TH       Gov't. / Econ. ( Mr. Hood - rm 221 )
6th period:   

M-W-F   World Histroy ( Mr. Floyd - rm 222 )
 T-Th      World Geography ( Ms. Reid - rm 225 )
7th period:  

M-W F   US History ( Ms. Reid - rm 225 )
T-TH      World History ( Mr. Anderson - rm 223 )
Please feel free to contact me by email - michael.siguaw@eisd.net
My telephone / extension is - 444-8300 / 3727
My tutorials are T-W-Th from 4:20 - 5:20 pm, or by appointment in the morning,
8:00 - 8:30 am and 
my homeroom is Rm 104.
Please view the Instructional Resources, Helpful Links, and Podcasts for additional
academic support. 
Please contact me on my Blog - anytime!  I am here to serve you
and your student(s).  Please let me know how I can be of assistance to you. 
Thank you for your time.
At your service,
Mike Siguaw
                                                                 Go Minutemen!

Phase Completion

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Edgewood's Technology Assessments are based on SBEC's Technology Applications Standards for Teachers. SBEC's Technology Applications Standards are divided into eleven standards, however, regular classroom teachers are only required to demonstrate proficiency in Standards I - V.  These standards outline the basic knowledge and skills a teacher needs in order to be proficient in a 21st century classroom. Standards VI - XI are reserved for high school computer science teachers.
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