Sandra Cantu

Head Start Site Manager 
Email Address: swcantu@eisd.net
Phone number: (210) 444-7826

Jose A. Cardenas Early Childhood Education Center is a Texas Education Agency Preschool of Excellence.  At Jose Cardenas, every child will recieve a "World Class" education. 

The staff of Jose Cardenas takes great pride in providing a viable curriculum and a rigorous full day of learning in an environment that is conducive to early childhood best practices.  These best practices are providing under the Head Start Early Childhood Framework and the Texas Pre-Kindergarten guidelines. Each student will be served in an inclusive classroom and will recieve a high quality and equitable education that is fully individualized to help all students reach their full academic and social-emotional potential
The highly qualified staff of Jose A. Cardenas are here to serve all students, parents, and the Edgewood community with passion and dedication. 

At Jose Cardenas, Pre-K, is not just Pre-K;  It is Pre-K with a drive and purpose that considers future learning for elementary, high school, college and beyond!   


Last Modified on November 2, 2013