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Thank You for visiting this site. I hope most of your questions and concerns are answered here. I am available to assist you in anything that you need to know in order for you or your child to be successful in the educational process.

 If you are here at Memorial High School for a little while or for the entire four years the family at our school welcomes you and we hope that your days here are fruitful and eventful

Class Schedule

                                Subject                                    Time


                          1st  English II                                 8:45-10:40

                          2nd  English IV                              9:45-10:38

                          3rd  Conference                            10:43-11:36


                          4th  English II                               12:11-1:16

                          5th  English IV                              1:21-2:14            
                          6th  English IV                              2:19-3:12

                          7th  English II                               3:17-4:10


Tutoring Times

Tuesdays 4:30-5:30

Thursdays 4:30-5:30

Room 203

(210) 444-8300 Ext. 3725







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